At the same time Dreve Otoplastik is material manufacturer and earmold laboratory that manufactures its portfolio completely digitally. Thanks to our great practical experience, we can constantly develop our products and processes, always with the aim being state of the art. Our FotoTec® range offers a variety of products ideally suited for the Stereolithography or the DLP 3D printing process. With Dreve as a partner you can be on the safe side: We offer the entire validated process – for your precise printing results.



FotoTec® DLP.A

Specialist for the Digital Light Process.

FotoTec® DLP.A is a biocompatible resin with optimal features for the Digital Light Process. All our FotoTec® DLP.A materials are THFMA free.

New color styles

  • Brilliant transparent: With highest UV stability.
  • Deep black opaque: Optimum color opacity as well as Shake & Go principle for an easy application.
  • Neon yellow transparent: Bright signal color especially for hearing protection.

Discover our color range.

beige opaque 1
beige opaque 2
beige opaque 3
deep black opaque
blue transparent
grey transparent
clear transparent
green opaque
brillant transparent
neon yellow transparent
orange transparent
purple transparent
reddish orange transparent
reddish transparent
red transparent
black opaque
white opaque

FotoTec® DLP.flex

Direkt2Print: Direct printing for flexible parts.

First flexible material for manufacturing elastic earmolds and RICs on DLP printing systems.

FotoTec® SL.F

The specialist for the Stereolithography Process.

Our biocompatible resin is ideal for the efficient manufacturing of earmolds and shells on the basis of the stereolithography process and achieves very thin walls.


FotoTec® SL.E

The versatile material for earmolds.

FotoTec® SL.E is ideal for manufacturing earmolds for BTE hearing systems, RIC earmolds and shells. This material sets new standards for the Stereolithography Process and the Digital Light Processing Technology.


FotoTec® SL.A

Proven material for the Stereolithography Process.

FotoTec® SL. A is a laser-curing resin for the manufacturing of ITE shells and BTE earmolds on the basis of stereolithography process.



FotoCast® is geared to the production of cast forms for manufacturing soft earmolds. Its low viscosity offers an easy cleaning of the 3D printer. Soft earmolds made from Biopor® AB or Biopor® AB Xtreme can be easily removed from the cast forms:  Same as the lychee principle.


Our resins for 3D printing

What material fits to which printer?

The following overview shows what material is compatible with which printing system.

Your printer is not listed yet? Contact us!

Printers →Material ↓HA 30, 40, 60, 90, 90 Speed
Freeform PR 02 UV, MAX, PICO2
SolFlex 350
Projet 6000
(3D Systems)
Viper si2
(3D Systems)
FotoTec® DLP.A×××
FotoTec® DLP.flex×××
FotoTec® SL.F××
FotoTec® SL.E×××
FotoTec® SL.A××


Pioneering technology.

PCU LED is the new post curing unit for industrial applications. Two models are now available: vacuum and nitrogen or just vacuum. The new PCU LED N2 is qualified for manufacturing of medical devices. Rely on our qualified and validated process for the manufacturing of biocompatible FotoTec® earmolds and shells according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485. Furthermore, the FotoTec® DLP.A and FotoCast® process parameter update for implementation is now available.