For a successful hearing aid fitting: Dreve impression materials impress.

The production of impression materials has a long tradition at Dreve. Our comprehensive Otoform® product range offers the right material with the right characteristics for every kind of impression. Ranging from our well-known classic Otoform® AK to the pressure-building and innovative Otoform® Xpand products: You can rely on our great experience in research and production of first-class impression materials.


Full speed.

Optimum consistency for every impression situation ensures precise and detailed impressions and, last but not least, a smooth processing of the impressions in our earmold laboratory. An easy handling and short setting times of only 180 seconds give you immediately top impressions.

Overview Otoform®

ProductPackagingFeaturesImpression techniqueShore AApplication
Otoform®XpandExpanding, soft, easy handling and processingpressure-forming20 ± 2Hearing protection, power and standard BTW, ITE, soft ear tissue
Otoform® A softXSoft, easy processing, optimal fluiditywithout pressure25 ± 2ITE, CIC, IIC, sensitive ear tissue
Otoform® AkClassicpressure-forming35 ± 2Hearing protection, power and standard BTE, ITE
Otoform® A softSoft, easy processingwithout pressure40 ± 2ITE, CIC
Otoform® A flexSoft, flexible, easy processingwithout pressure25 ± 2ITE, CIC
Otoform® Ak XSoft mixing feelingpressure-forming30 ± 3BTE, ITE, CIC, IIC, sensitive ear tissue
Otoform® Ak softSoft, flexiblepressure-forming25 ± 2BTE, ITE, CIC
Otoform® KcCondensation-vulcanisingpressure-forming30 ± 2BTE, ITE, CIC

Otoferm® Protect

Direct. Fast. Save.

Otoferm® Protect is ideal for the direct fitting of BTE, splash water plugs (swimming plugs) and hearing protection earmolds. The product is handled like our Otoform® impression materials, has a short curing time and is easy to process. Manufactured earmolds are floatable on the water surface.