For a successful hearing aid fitting: Dreve impression materials impress.

The production of impression materials has a long tradition at Dreve. Our comprehensive Otoform® product range offers the right material with the right characteristics for every kind of impression. Ranging from our well-known classic Otoform® AK to the pressure-building and innovative Otoform® Xpand products: You can rely on our great experience in research and production of first-class impression materials.

Full speed.

Optimum consistency for every impression situation ensures precise and detailed impressions and, last but not least, a smooth processing of the impressions in our earmold laboratory. An easy handling and short setting times of only 180 seconds give you immediately top impressions.

Good reasons for traditional impression taking

  • Fast processing: Short setting time with comfortably long total processing time
  • Highly precise reproduction of each ear possible (even of very soft ear tissue and particularly for deep impressions)
  • Less influenced by interfering factors like e.g. hairs
  • Local flexibility & mobility: Infrastructure such as electricity or Internet not required
  • Lessons learned: You can benefit from your great experience in traditional impression taking
  • From manual to digital: Link to the digital manufacturing process
  • Using desktop scanner would save shipping costs
  • Impression material is the economic alternative: An impression costs less than 2 €* (*Calculated with cartridge material incl. mixing tip and impression pad and according to current Dreve prices as of 2019)
  • High acquisition and licensing costs for ear scanners

Overview Otoform®

ProductPackagingFeaturesImpression techniqueShore AApplication
Otoform®XpandExpanding, soft, easy handling and processingpressure-forming20 ± 2Hearing protection, power and standard BTW, ITE, soft ear tissue
Otoform® A softXSoft, easy processing, optimal fluiditywithout pressure25 ± 2ITE, CIC, IIC, sensitive ear tissue
Otoform® AkClassicpressure-forming35 ± 2Hearing protection, power and standard BTE, ITE
Otoform® A softSoft, easy processingwithout pressure40 ± 2ITE, CIC
Otoform® A flexSoft, flexible, easy processingwithout pressure25 ± 2ITE, CIC
Otoform® Ak XSoft mixing feelingpressure-forming30 ± 3BTE, ITE, CIC, IIC, sensitive ear tissue
Otoform® KcCondensation-vulcanisingpressure-forming30 ± 2BTE, ITE, CIC

Otoferm® Protect

Direct. Fast. Save.

Otoferm® Protect is ideal for the direct fitting of BTE, splash water plugs (swimming plugs) and hearing protection earmolds. The product is handled like our Otoform® impression materials, has a short curing time and is easy to process. Manufactured earmolds are floatable on the water surface.