For 70 years already, we have been passionately developing medical devices for the fitting of hearing aid systems. Our earmold lab has many years of experience in the digital production of customized earmolds. This fact distinguishes us from others. Our aim is to offer the best possible hearing aid supply with the greatest possible wearing comfort and fit - for your customer.

The Dreve earmold - our passion - is a central component for the fitting of hearing aid systems, and we therefore manufacture it according to the highest quality standards. The Dreve lab is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485.


Laboratory opening in Unna

With the opening of the new laboratory at the headquarters of the group of companies in Unna, we have significantly increased our production capacities in the area of earmold manufacturing. The previous premises of the earmold laboratory became too small due to our strong growth - we responded to the market, hired new employees and expanded our premises. Our goal was to redefine the standard for digitalization in earmold production, significantly increasing the sustainability of our processes. Thanks to innovative digital techniques, we continue to be able to meet the increased expectations of the market and maintain lead times of 2–3 days. Despite the significantly expanded production volumes, we will of course continue to maintain our usual high quality standards.
Even though we have developed into an industrial company that also supplies all the major hearing aid manufacturers, the earmold laboratory is still the heart of Dreve. This is also where our innovative strength lies: Newly developed materials and products can be put through their paces directly in our own laboratory.

100 % digital: That’s how we manufacture earmolds.

From order to delivery.

Ear impression taking
Scanning the impression — Customer
Easy online order: SmartOrder
Easy online order: SmartOrder
Mail dispatch of the impression — We scan for you!
Digital modeling
3D manufacturing — DLP
3D manufacturing — Stereolithography
3D manufacturing — Milling
Delivery / Tracking the order


Wether Hearing earmolds for hearing aid systems or Protection & Comfort earmolds – suitable for various noise levels, manufactured in different manufacturing processes our earmold collection offers various forms, materials and colors, entirely customized for your needs and the needs of your customers. Aesthetics and wearing comfort are two important attributes for us.



Earmolds for hearing aid systems.

We offer customized earmolds for:


The development of the hearing aid market and the experiences from the last years have shown that RIC hearing aid systems have been successfully established. For these modern receiver systems we offer innovative earmold solutions for all hearing-aid manufacturers. Our earmolds meet highest quality standards regarding acoustic benefits and cosmetic demands.
Recommend the use of RIC earmolds to your customers in order to ensure the best possible hearing aid fitting and to suppress resonances, distortions or acoustic feedbacks. Moreover, RIC earmolds allow an ideal placement of the receiver in the ear canal and protect from losing the valuable hearing device.

Micro tubing hearing aid systems offer the advantage that almost all ear canals can be supplied in a cosmetically appealing way. Customers who receive their first hearing aid or with minor hearing losses show very often a high level of acceptance for these kind of hearing systems.

The standard tubing hearing aid is a classic in the industry. It combines the advantages of an easy handling with innovative technologies. The earmold is an important part of these hearing aid systems and offers the possibility to fix the hearing tube perfectly. Standard tubing hearing systems are recommended for high hearing losses.

Our biocompatible materials: FotoTec®, VarioTherm® and Biopor® AB.

We manufacrure high-quality, hard earmolds with our premium resin FotoTec®. Due to the automated 3D production process of the earmolds we achieve a consistently high quality level. FotoTec® earmolds are biocompatible, they guarantee a high fitting accuracy and impress with their color brilliance.

Due to the thermal effect of the material the earmold is almost hard at room temperature and gets soft and flexible at body temperature. VarioTherm® is tear resistant, robust and characterized by an outstanding resilience. VarioTherm® earmolds are manufactured automatically in a digital process so that they can be reproduced easily.

Biopor® is our biocompatible and addition-vulcanizing silicone for the manufacturing of soft earmolds. These are characterized by tear resistance as well as permanent elasticity and assure a high wearing comfort.

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Protection & Comfort

Customized protection for all situations.

The human ear has an enormous capability. However, it is exposed to high noise levels in everyday life. Therefore Dreve provides professional and high quality earmold products.


  • For various applications different filters with other attenuation values available
  • Customized: Maximum comfort and perfect fit in the ear
  • Pleasant noise attenuation
  • Good speech intelligibility
  • Easy to insert and to remove
  • Easy to clean, e.g. with OtoVita®

Hearing protection earmolds: DLO®

Our portfolio consists of certified DLO® (Dreve Noise Protection Earmolds) which meet the official requirements for industrial and professional applications. These are type approved as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and CE marked. Furthermore, the Dreve Comfort Earmolds DCO® are designed for leisure.


DLO® Industry

DLO® Industry detectable

DLO® Music

DLO® SkyComfort

Attenuation values

DLO® Industry silicone
DI filter red
SNR: 27, H: 27, M: 25, L: 23
DI filter yellow
SNR: 24, H: 26, M: 20, L: 17
DLO® Industry acrylic
DI filter red
SNR: 31, H: 32, M: 28, L: 24
DI filter yellow
SNR: 26, H: 27, M: 23, L: 19
DLO® Industry detectable
DI filter red detectable
SNR: 27, H: 27, M: 25, L: 23
DLO® Music silicone
DM filter black
SNR: 23, H: 21, M: 22, L: 23
DM filter white
SNR: 18, H: 15, M: 18, L: 19
DM filter blue
SNR: 16, H: 14, M: 14, L: 14
DM filter green (no PPE)
SNR: 12, H: 12, M: 9, L: 8
DLO® Music acrylic
DM filter black
SNR: 24, H: 22, M: 24, L: 24
DM filter white
SNR: 19, H: 17, M: 20, L: 20
DM filter blue
SNR: 18, H: 19, M: 15, L: 13
DM filter green (no PPE)
SNR: 12, H: 12, M: 9, L: 8
DLO® SkyComfort
SkyComfort with SANOHRA Fly filter
SNR: 29, H: 29, M: 26, L: 26

On 21 April 2018, the PPE Directive 89/686 has been replaced by the new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. The EU regulation applies in all EU member states and is legally binding. The new regulation understands harmful noise as an irreversible health risk. This means that hearing protection, whether used for private or commercial purposes, is subject to stricter regulatory requirements.
Retailers and acousticians are now obliged to ensure that the hearing protection complies with the current legal requirements and that the products are tested and certified as PPE. For the products approved as PPE, the performance of a functional test is required by law.
The following specifications are binding:

  • The function test must be carried out before the first application. If the hearing protection does not pass this functional test, it must not be handed out but must be claimed to the manufacturer. Only hearing protection with a proven protective effect may be used.
  • The result of the functional test must be reported to Dreve by the acoustician to meet the requirements of EU Regulation 2016/425 on personal protective equipment.
  • The functional test must be carried out according to the manufacturer's specifications and transmitted directly via Dreve’s SmartOrder ordering platform. The result of the functional test can be printed out and shall be handed over to the user. SmartOrder archives the result of the functional test for the acoustician.
  • Furthermore, in the area of industrial safety and for safety at work and a practical briefing for the user must be carried out.

Generally, the Dreve DLO® hearing protection products should not be changed or amended. Otherwise the product is not conform to its former and approved type anymore and may therefore not be placed on the market!
This comprises:

  • Earmold and filter
  • Packaging incl. tag with product labeling

Individual comfort: DCO®

Not only at work but also in our leisure time we are exposed to different effects that can lead to hearing damages. Therefore Dreve offers a wide range of suitable earmolds. We strive for effective protection with a maximum wearing comfort.

DCO® OtoSwim®

DCO® ComfortNight


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