For 70 years already, we have been passionately developing medical devices for the fitting of hearing aid systems. Our earmold lab has many years of experience in the digital production of customized earmolds. This fact distinguishes us from others. Our aim is to offer the best possible hearing aid supply with the greatest possible wearing comfort and fit - for your customer.

The Dreve earmold - our passion - is a central component for the fitting of hearing aid systems, and we therefore manufacture it according to the highest quality standards. The Dreve lab is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485.


100 % digital: That’s how we manufacture earmolds.

From order to delivery.

Ear impression taking
Scanning the impression — Customer
Easy online order: SmartOrder
Easy online order: SmartOrder
Mail dispatch of the impression — We scan for you!
Digital modeling
3D manufacturing — DLP
3D manufacturing — Stereolithography
3D manufacturing — Milling
Delivery / Tracking the order


Wether Hearing earmolds for hearing aid systems or Protection & Comfort earmolds – suitable for various noise levels, manufactured in different manufacturing processes our earmold collection offers various forms, materials and colors, entirely customized for your needs and the needs of your customers. Aesthetics and wearing comfort are two important attributes for us.


How to order earmolds online

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