Innovation aus Tradition

Fitting hearing aids is an art. The ears and the demands of your customers are so individual that every fitting must be done with the utmost care and precision. For 70 years, we have been manufacturing and developing earmolds with passion in order to provide you with the best possible products when fitting hearing systems. Our earmold laboratory's many years of experience in the digital production of custom earmolds is what defines us; we put materials and designs through their paces. When manufacturing our earmolds, we always keep the greatest possible wearing comfort for our customers in mind and find an individual and custom-fit solution for every auditory canal.

As a central component in hearing system fitting, we manufacture the Dreve earmold – our heart – with the highest quality standards and according to the latest standards: Our laboratory is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485.

Our earmold lab

With the opening of the new laboratory in 2021 at our headquarters in Unna, we have significantly increased our production capacities in the area of earmold manufacturing. The previous premises of the earmold laboratory became too small due to our strong growth - we responded to the market, hired new employees and expanded our premises. Our goal was to redefine the standard for digitalization in earmold production, significantly increasing the sustainability of our processes. Thanks to innovative digital techniques, we continue to be able to meet the increased expectations of the market and maintain lead times of 2–3 days. Despite the significantly expanded production volumes, we naturally continue to maintain our usual high quality standards.

Even though we have developed into an industrial company that also supplies all the major hearing aid manufacturers, the earmold laboratory is still the heart of Dreve. This is also where our innovative strength lies: Newly developed materials and products can be put through their paces directly in our own laboratory.

100 % digital: That’s how we manufacture earmolds.

From order to delivery.

Ear impression taking
Scanning the impression — Customer
Easy online order: SmartOrder
Easy online order: SmartOrder
Mail dispatch of the impression — We scan for you!
Digital modeling
3D manufacturing — DLP
3D manufacturing — Stereolithography
3D manufacturing — Milling
Delivery / Tracking the order

Transparent, safe, digital

Whether hearing earmolds for hearing aid systems or Protection & Comfort earmolds for various noise situations; manufactured in different production processes, our earmold collection offers a wide variety of shapes, materials and colors. Completely individually tailored to you and your customers' needs. Aesthetics and wearing comfort are two important attributes for us in earmold production.

The intuitive and fast entry of your orders in our SmartOrder ordering system saves valuable time while providing transparency:

  • Intelligent guidance through the ordering process
  • Connection to software tools in the acoustics industry
  • Possibility to copy existing orders
  • Detailed status function
  • Simple recording and archiving of function checks for PPE
  • Visual display of open function checks

How to reach us

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Support earmolds & related topics
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