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Customized protection for all situations

The human ear has an enormous capability. However, it is exposed to high noise levels in everyday life. Therefore Dreve provides professional and high quality earmold products.


  • For various applications different filters with other attenuation values available
  • Customized: Maximum comfort and perfect fit in the ear
  • Pleasant noise attenuation
  • Good speech intelligibility
  • Easy to insert and to remove
  • Easy to clean, e.g. with OtoVita®

Hearing protection earmolds: DLO®

Our portfolio consists of certified DLO® (Dreve Noise Protection Earmolds) which meet the official requirements for industrial and professional applications. These are type approved as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and CE marked. Furthermore, the Dreve Comfort Earmolds DCO® are designed for leisure.

DLO® Industry

DLO® Industry detectable

DLO® Music

DLO® SkyComfort

Attenuation values

DLO® Industry silicone
DI filter red
SNR: 27, H: 27, M: 25, L: 24
DI filter yellow
SNR: 24, H: 26, M: 21, L: 18
DLO® Industry acrylic
DI filter red
SNR: 31, H: 32, M: 28, L: 25
DI filter yellow
SNR: 26, H: 27, M: 24, L: 19
DLO® Industry detectable
DI filter red detectable
SNR: 27, H: 27, M: 25, L: 23
DLO® Music silicone
DM filter black
SNR: 23, H: 21, M: 22, L: 23
DM filter white
SNR: 18, H: 15, M: 18, L: 19
DM filter blue
SNR: 16, H: 14, M: 14, L: 14
DM filter green (no PPE)
SNR: 12, H: 12, M: 9, L: 8
DLO® Music acrylic
DM filter black
SNR: 24, H: 22, M: 24, L: 24
DM filter white
SNR: 19, H: 17, M: 20, L: 20
DM filter blue
SNR: 18, H: 19, M: 15, L: 13
DM filter green (no PPE)
SNR: 12, H: 12, M: 9, L: 8
DLO® SkyComfort
SkyComfort with SANOHRA Fly filter
SNR: 29, H: 29, M: 26, L: 26

DLO® – Our designs

19 DLO DI silicone
31 DLO DI silicone
32 DLO DI silicone
19 DLO DI acrylic
31 DLO DI acrylic
32 DLO DI acrylic
19 DLO DI detectable
31 DLO DI detectable
32 DLO DI detectable
19 DLO DM silicone
31 DLO DM silicone
32 DLO DM silicone
19 DLO DM acrylic
31 DLO DM acrylic
32 DLO DM acrylic
19 DLO SkyComfort
31 DLO SkyComfort
32 DLO SkyComfort

On 21 April 2018, the PPE Directive 89/686 has been replaced by the new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. The EU regulation applies in all EU member states and is legally binding. The new regulation understands harmful noise as an irreversible health risk. This means that hearing protection, whether used for private or commercial purposes, is subject to stricter regulatory requirements.
Retailers and acousticians are now obliged to ensure that the hearing protection complies with the current legal requirements and that the products are tested and certified as PPE. For the products approved as PPE, the performance of a functional test is required by law.
The following specifications are binding:

  • The function test must be carried out before the first application. If the hearing protection does not pass this functional test, it must not be handed out but must be claimed to the manufacturer. Only hearing protection with a proven protective effect may be used.
  • The result of the functional test must be reported to Dreve by the acoustician to meet the requirements of EU Regulation 2016/425 on personal protective equipment.
  • The functional test must be carried out according to the manufacturer's specifications and transmitted directly via Dreve’s SmartOrder ordering platform. The result of the functional test can be printed out and shall be handed over to the user. SmartOrder archives the result of the functional test for the acoustician.
  • Furthermore, in the area of industrial safety and for safety at work and a practical briefing for the user must be carried out.

Generally, the Dreve DLO® hearing protection products should not be changed or amended. Otherwise the product is not conform to its former and approved type anymore and may therefore not be placed on the market!
This comprises:

  • Earmold and filter
  • Packaging incl. tag with product labeling

Individual comfort: DCO®

Not only at work but also in our leisure time we are exposed to different effects that can lead to hearing damages. Therefore Dreve offers a wide range of suitable earmolds. We strive for effective protection with a maximum wearing comfort.

DCO® OtoSwim®

DCO® ComfortNight

DCO® – Our designs

19 DCO OtoSwim
19 DCO OtoSwim multicolored
16 DCO ComfortNight
18 DCO ComfortNight
12 In-Ear-Monitoring
13 In-Ear-Monitoring


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