RIC unifit.

Universally unique.

RIC unifit is our universal earmold for different RIC hearing aid systems. The selection of the right hearing system is key to ensure your customers’ best possible hearing experience. Therefore you need a certain scope for the fitting. RIC unifit provides the flexibility you need for fitting hearing aid systems. It can be used for many RIC systems available on the market and can be easily adjusted.


  • Easily adjustable
  • High wearing comfort
  • Flexible system
  • Available in FotoTec®, VarioTherm® Plus or Biopor® AB



The hearing experience.

Thanks to digital manufacturing technology: a maximum precision and also incomparably thin walls < 1 mm can be achieved. For cosmetically very appealing RIC systems. We manufacture RIC-Air earmolds with VarioTherm® Plus and FotoTec®.


  • High-end solution: almost invisible in the ear
  • Less is more: ultra-thin walls help to achieve great customer acceptance
  • Airy and light for comfortable ear ventilation
  • RIC-Air earmolds made of VarioTherm® Plus are smooth and provide an extra high wearing comfort


DLO® Industry detectable.

DLO® Industry detectable. Detectable hearing protection for the food industry.

Biopor® AB Xtrack is the detectable silicone which is used to manufacture DLO® hearing protection earmolds in the Dreve lab. The innovative material ensures tracking, detection and is visible in X-ray units which is a mandatory requirement for the quality control in terms of safety and hygiene e.g. in the food industry.


  • New: detectable filter
  • Earmold and cord made of detectable silicone
  • PPE certified
  • Biocompatible, 40 Shore A