Product overview OtoVita® Professional

OtoVita® Marketingtools

Freshness for your sales.

Our OtoVita® marketing tools are designed to match the fresh packaging design and provide you with promotional support.


  • Practical care bag for your customers (your own branding is possible for orders of 50 or more)
  • Printed care guide incl. the option to register check-up appointments (Function like a bonus booklet for customer loyalty)
  • Promotion box as counter display with 120 individually packed cleaning tissues
  • Video tutorial “Easy earmold care with OtoVita®“ for your TV screens to reduce waiting times in the shop

Product overview OtoVita® Marketingtools


Alcohol-free. Clean. Gentle on materials.

An optimal care prolongs the lifetime of your high-quality hearing system. Our antimicrobial care range OtoVita® is characterized by innovative and valuable properties that support the care of the high-quality hearing system optimally and sustainably.


Antimicrobial constituents
Bitter taste protects children
Alcohol-free, skin and material friendly
Lemon scent for long lasting freshness

Product overview OtoVita®


The ultrasonic device for a thorough cleaning of hearing aid systems.


  • Perfect cleansing by power ultrasound
  • Safety first: Automatic shutdown after 6 minutes cleansing
  • Easy handling through sensor button
  • For a comfortable cleaning of earmolds

dry-cap uv 2

NEW: The electronic hygiene station offers space for the gentle care of hearing systems with larger charging stations.


  • 3in1: Drying, cleaning and charging possible at the same time
  • Includes UV-C light for perfect hygiene
  • 2 modes:
    Dry& Clean mode: 2 hours drying and cleaning
    Clean mode: 2 minutes quick program for cleaning


OtoVita® dry uv

OtoVita® dry uv offers an optimal care. The energy-saving and gentle drying by convection extends the lifetime of the hearing aid systems.



  • Perfect drying by convective flow
  • Hygienic cleansing by UV-C light
  • Easy handling by sensor button
  • Automatic room and temperature modulation
  • Automatic turn off
  • All features controlled by microprocessor
  • Highest product quality with 2 year warranty
  • Energy-efficient and safe