Alcohol-free. Clean. Gentle on materials.

An optimal care prolongs the lifetime of your high-quality hearing system. Our antimicrobial care range OtoVita® is characterized by innovative and valuable properties that support the care of the high-quality hearing system optimally and sustainably.


Daily care

Our products have been tested on hearing systems and Dreve earmolds for daily use. Standard hygiene products from drug stores do not have the same characteristics – they could, for example, cause color deviations. We recommend a daily care with OtoVita®.


Antimicrobial constituents
Bitter taste protects children
Alcohol-free, skin and material friendly
Lemon scent for long lasting freshness

Product overview OtoVita®

OtoVita® Professional

Hygiene and protection for the laboratory.

OtoVita® Professional is our care range that has been specially developed for your laboratory. All OtoVita® Professional products have been extensively tested and meet the requirements of a certified quality management system. The products are not only bactericidal, but also effective against enveloped viruses (such as SARS-CoV-2).


  • Disinfection of laboratory equipment
  • Easy handling and application
  • Comprehensive protection against the most common pathogenic germs
  • Certified & tested according to methods of e.g. DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology) and VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene)

Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use.

Product overview OtoVita® Professional

u-sonic 2

The u-sonic 2 is an electronic mini cleaning station for perfect cleaning by power ultrasound. Comfort cleaning ensures that earmolds, mini tubes and hearing protection are perfectly maintained. Simple handling by pressing the sensor button - everything else is fully automatic and processor-controlled.


  • 40 kHz frequency at 20 watts
  • Easy operation via sensor button
  • Automatic shut-off after 6 minutes of cleaning
  • 100 ml stainless steel container

dry-cap uv 2

NEW: The electronic hygiene station offers space for the gentle care of hearing systems with larger charging stations.


  • 3in1: Drying, cleaning and charging possible at the same time
  • Includes UV-C light for perfect hygiene
  • 2 modes:
    Dry& Clean mode: 2 hours drying and cleaning
    Clean mode: 2 minutes quick program for cleaning


OtoVita® dry uv

OtoVita® dry uv offers an optimal care. The energy-saving and gentle drying by convection extends the lifetime of the hearing aid systems.



  • Perfect drying by convective flow
  • Hygienic cleansing by UV-C light
  • Easy handling by sensor button
  • Automatic room and temperature modulation
  • Automatic turn off
  • All features controlled by microprocessor
  • Highest product quality with 2 year warranty
  • Energy-efficient and safe


OtoVita® Marketingtools

Freshness for your sales.

Our OtoVita® marketing tools are designed to match the fresh packaging design and provide you with promotional support.


  • Practical care bag for your customers (your own branding is possible for orders of 50 or more)
  • Printed care guide incl. the option to register check-up appointments (Function like a bonus booklet for customer loyalty)
  • Promotion box as counter display with 120 individually packed cleaning tissues
  • Video tutorial “Easy earmold care with OtoVita®“ for your TV screens to reduce waiting times in the shop

Product overview OtoVita® Marketingtools